Collaboration with Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards

Why do businesses have meetings?

Almost every organisation conducts meetings, presentations, or brainstorming sessions of some sort.

Regardless of the type of meeting, a lot of time, effort, and money are invested by companies in arranging and conducting these meetings, typically with no means to measure its success or how far things have actually progressed.

The primary functions of meetings are to collaborate, present and share ideas, provide and receive feedback. At the end of a meeting, all new information should have been collated and ready to be distributed along with the next action items in a timely & accurate manner.

Research shows the longer it takes to deliver the message after a business meeting and the more steps that are involved in collating and distributing the message, the greater chance there is of the message being diluted and losing impact.


Does meeting room technology affect the outcome and productivity of business meetings?

Everybody has been involved in meetings where there have been impressive presentations, along with constructive feedback and positive solutions agreed upon to move forward, only to realise shortly down the track, the plan has not been implemented.

Usually when meetings conclude everyone is feeling good about the great productivity of the meeting with a real sense of accomplishment, but in reality, this is usually where the sense of accomplishment actually ends.

Whilst there has been amazing advancements in business technology over the past 30 years, most companies are still using meeting room & presentation processes today that only create more problems than solutions.

Common methods still used in meeting rooms today include:

  • Floor standing flip charts with large sheets of butcher paper
  • Whiteboards & markers
  • Data Projectors
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Whiteboards linked to a printer
  • Taking a photo of notes with a smart phone
  • Digital Recorders


Conducting meetings & presentations without interactive whiteboard technology usually leads to these situations:

“Who rubbed all the ideas off the whiteboard? “

“Who was meant to being taking notes?”

“What solution did we end up agreeing to in the meeting?”

“Let’s set up a phone conference to confirm what we thought was agreed in the meeting.”

“Can you send me the latest version of the action plan?”

“We are going to lose that client if we can’t meet their deadline”


Still wondering why things don’t turn out as planned in your meetings when the information is being frantically written on whiteboards, note books and scraps of copy paper?

Your company’s document production process & business workflow should start right away at your first internal meeting.

Your business’s bottom line is greatly affected with every step of the document production process that involves human intervention. Quite simply, the more time and effort it takes to complete the finished product and present it to your clients, the more money it costs your business.

Today’s business technology has evolved and the time has come to throw away the pens, butcher paper and markers and move into the digital age with interactive whiteboard & video conferencing solutions, to really change the outcome of your meetings.


Why switch to B2B Digital Solutions Interactive Whiteboard & Collaboration technology today?

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards will provide your business with the best modular technology platform, whether your application is for small in-house meetings or holding real time video conferencing meetings between multiple physical locations.

This technology is as simple for your staff to operate as using a PC and can operate over your network or provide the flexibility to allow staff members to join the meeting via cloud video conferencing technology, using smart phones or tablets.

Our Interactive Whiteboard & Collaboration technology will bring your employees together with real time data updates, as well as secure document storage and instant document distribution via email.

The entire electronic document workflow in your company will be completely automated from the first meeting after installing Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard & Collaboration technology as the solution captures all annotations in real time. Just think of Windows Surface Pro technology that can link your entire meeting & business structures together.

Let’s move your company’s meeting room and presentation technology into the digital age today with Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard & Collaboration technology from B2B Digital Solutions.


How much would it cost to get stated today?

Your company can improve the way it conducts meetings & dramatically improve the business structures and outcomes with Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard technology from B2B Digital Solutions from as little as $49.00 per week.*

 *Based on a 60-month in-house rental agreement

If you would like to discuss how our interactive whiteboard technology will benefit your business please call 1300 43 22 22.


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