Choosing a Multifunction Printer

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What is a Multifunction Printer?

A multifunction printer is a device with the capability to print, scan, copy, and fax. The most obvious advantage of such a device is that is saves valuable office space by reducing the physical footprint from four separate devices to one. It is also more cost efficient to pay for service and consumables for only one device.

What features do you really need?

When choosing a multifunction printer, it’s important to remain focused on your specific requirements. Don’t get distracted by fancy features that you will never use.

Data Security

Always ask what the data security features are on a multifunction printer. Make sure the level of security satisfies your needs.

User (Friendly) Interface

Regardless of how well a multifunction printer performs, it needs to have a user-friendly interface.

Features of a user-friendly interface:

  • Needs to be large enough to read
  • Have a logical layout
  • Simple to operate
  • Consistent layout throughout product range

Device Management

Multifunction printers have become very intuitive since their inception and can now practically take care of themselves. For maximum efficiency, look for a multifunction printer that has the ability to automatically send meter readings, service alerts, toner and consumable requests. Let’s face it, how much time do you want to spend looking after a printer?

Secure Printing

If you produce confidential documents in your office, swipe card or PIN authentication at the printer will ensure that no documents will fall into the wrong hands. An added benefit of this feature is the reduced wastage of unclaimed documents sitting on the printer.


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