How to Terminate a Printer Contract

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Reasons for terminating

  • Your company has grown or reduced in size
  • Your business processes or workflows have changed
  • Moving offices with different office floorplans
  • Current equipment is unreliable and is now affecting business productivity
  • Unhappy with the response time for service technicians
  • Constantly waiting for delivery of spare parts with current vendor
  • Running costs are becoming too expensive
  • Regular inaccurate billing issues from the vendor each month
  • Poor customer service
  • Technology advancements

How much notice ?

Every print vendor’s contract is different. Do not assume that they are all the same. Most contracts require 90 days’ notice for termination, but this varies from each vendor.

Make sure you are aware of this clause and its implications before signing your new contract.

Cost of terminating early

If you choose to terminate your agreement early, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure all existing contracts are terminated before entering into a new printing agreement. Most third-party finance vendors will charge the balance of all outstanding payments, plus an inflated price to return the goods, to calculate a payout figure.

Cost of staying in a bad contract

If your business requirements have changed, trying to save money by staying the course of your current contract may actually cost you more in the long run. This could lead to loss in productivity, inefficient workflows, staff morale.

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