Office Colour Multifunction Printers FAQ

As technology moved so quickly in the early 2000’s, the common misconception amongst consumers today when evaluating new multifunction printers is that “they are all the same”.

Today the technology gap between manufacturers has never been wider. Consumers are now required to dig deeper and ask what features are actually important to them and why?

These are the most commonly asked questions from consumers when evaluating new multifunction printers:

Why does my document feeder/scanner jam every time we scan anything but perfect original documents?

Most document scanners rely on nothing more than gravity to push each page into the feeder rollers. Only a scanner using technology that electronically adjusts the original documents position in real time would provide consistent scanning reliability.


Why do I need a document feeder with 200-sheet capacity when the largest document we scan is 80 pages?

Most scanners with a feeder capacity of between 80-100 pages are working to near maximum capacity and we all know what happens to technology when it works near maximum capacity.


Why is the print quality of my office colour multifunction printer so poor when printing presentations?

Most office colour multifunction printers today have a maximum print resolution of between 1,200dpi to 2,400dpi. Only a printer engine with a maximum print resolution of 4,800dpi could improve your print quality problems.


Why is the print speed so slow when printing PDF documents?

Documents generated in Abode programs require a Post Script module or emulation mode to print PDF documents at the same speed as documents generated in Microsoft programs.


Why is the scan quality so poor when scanning a document with anything other than basic text?

Most office colour multifunctional printers today have a scan resolution of 600dpi. Only a new device with a scan resolution of 1,200dpi would improve your scan quality problems.


Why does my office colour multifunctional printer constantly jam when printing double sided documents?

Most office colour multifunctional printers today still use technology from the 1980’S, whereby each page needs to travel through the machine twice for a double sided print, thus leading to constant jams. Only a printer engine using invertor technology (when the paper is inverted on module outside of the machine’s mechanical area), would improve your reliability when double sided printing. 


Why do we always run out of toner, drums & waste toner?

Some print vendors still rely on customers to manually phone, email or order consumables online. This usually leads to more human involvement in the process and more downtime for the end customer. Only a print vendor with a fully automated consumables ordering & delivery process would provide more print time.


Why does every model of office multifunction printers have a completely different user interface?

Most manufacturers release models & series at different times or just use more advanced user interfaces on the larger machines in the office multifunctional printer series. In order to create a unified platform that would provide users with a common interface screen size, only a manufacturer using the same user interface across all A4-A3 office multifunctional printer series would tick this box.


Why do we still need to submit our printer’s meter readings every month?

Some print vendors still rely on customers to phone, email or submit online meter readings each month. This leads to more human involvement in the process & more errors in monthly variable meter reading invoices. The only solution to avoid errors & take the guesswork of variable print charges is to switch to a fixed cost per seat printing agreement.


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