Tips to Increase Your Printer Security

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Why do we need Printer Security?

Security is at the forefront for every business. From CCTV, door locks, swipe cards, PIN codes, PC passwords, security measures are visible all around the workplace. Data is one of your company’s most valuable assets to protect, but it’s often overlooked on printers.

With the increased use of cloud storage and mobile print, most multifunction printers are now connected to the company’s network infrastructure and internet. This means that your multifunction printer is now just as vulnerable to data breaches as your PCs and should be treated just the same in terms of security.

Common Forms of Data Breaches

  • Unsecured networks can be hacked or accessed by unauthorised people.
  • Unclaimed confidential documents left on printer

Implications of a Data Breach

  • Your company’s intellectual property may end up in your competitors’ hands
  • Sensitive client information could be leaked
  • Staff’s personal information may be stolen
  • All data breaches could lead to loss of business or even potential law suits
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How do we Improve our Printer Security?

  • By encrypting your network and your multifunction printer’s hard drive, the data that is sent through the printer will be converted into undecipherable code to hackers.
  • Ensure your network has a firewall installed.
  • Treat your multifunction printer as if it were a PC.
  • Choose a printer that has built-in security features or install security software.
  • Swipe Card or PIN Release printing will make sure that users are at the printer whilst their jobs are being printed, eliminating the chance of documents being stolen or misplaced.
  • Destroy hard drives when disposing of printer devices.

We work with you to design and implement an individually tailored print solution to streamline your document workflows, eliminate wastage, and reduce your printing costs.