Tips to Reduce Printing Costs

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All businesses are continuously looking at ways of reducing their operating costs to increase their profits.

Up to 15% of a company’s annual operating costs may be attributed to printing. This includes the cost of equipment, paper, energy, supplies, consumables, service, IT management and support.

By following the simple tips below, your company could reduce its printing costs by up to 30%.

What can your Company do?

  • Choose printers with low energy consumption.
  • Choose a Managed Print Service that will control monthly printing costs.
  • Install swipe card or PIN release printing to eliminate wastage.

What can your IT/Administration do?

  • Restrict colour printing to staff who really need it
  • Monitor printing by user or department
  • Default all print drivers to duplex and black
  • Reset the Sleep Mode timers on the printers to minimise energy consumption

What can each Staff Member do?

  • Email instead of printing if possible
  • Print duplex
  • Print in black and white
  • Reduce font size to fit on page
  • Reduce margin sizes
  • Use Shrink to Fit option in print driver
  • Double check documents before printing
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We work with you to design and implement an individually tailored print solution to streamline your document workflows, eliminate wastage, and reduce your printing costs.